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Mold In 2008 Prius

Daughter owns 2008 Prius and complains about dirty socks smell inside the car. Dealer confirms it is mold. They advise not to use recirculation feature on A/C. This is the standard default designed into the Prius. How does she get this design problem fixed by dealer?

That Prius Is Just “Going Green”, That’s All!

Seriously though, the dealer didn’t mention a Toyota TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) that addresses an odor in the heating / air conditioning system? The bulletin came out in early August / 2009.

The bulletin which covers many 2007-2010 Camry and 2004-2008 Prius vehicles tells Toyota technicians how to handle this condition. Modifications were made in later vehicles to correct this.

There is a newly designed evaporator sub-assembly for that prius, part #88501-47041 that replaces the previous part, #88501-47040 that is supposed to decrease the potential for odor.

This upgrade should be covered by Toyota’s 36month / 36,000 mile warranty.

I’d have your daughter go back and bring the problem to the dealer’s attention, again.


Come On Guys, No Stars? I Think I Nailed It!

Thanks for taking time. We cannot find a TSB after searching the many sources online. Including Edmunds. Will challenge the dealer with your date of Aug 2009 and the part numbers. Where did you find the official TSB?

You’re Welcome. TSBs Are Available By Subscription.

Many libraries can help you access them for free. They have some subscription arrangements. You may be able to access them at the library, at home through your library online, or through your state’s library online.


P.S. That TSB is # T-SB-0261-09.