Smelly Prius

I love my 2006 Prius, but have one complaint. I purchased it in March, 2006. The first time I turned on the AC it smelled like there was something dead. The dealer removed a mouse nest for $350+ from the air inlet. Now, a year later, I have the same odor. Do I have to pay $350 every summer? Why doesn’t Toyota design the car with a screen to keep out foreign critters?

More info: The car is parked in a carport where mice have been found. The odor is strongest when the AC is first turned on, and when it is turned off (after running awhile) and the fan remains on.



Well, if you are going to indict Toyota for not designing the A/C system properly, then you have to indict all of the other car manufacturers also, as this is a widespread problem for people who have garages or carports frequented by small critters. Since you are aware that there is a mouse problem in and around your carport, I would suggest that you start using some kind of poisons or traps or perhaps a cat in order to alleviate the problem.

If I were you, I would make sure that there isn’t any evidence of mouse infestation currently in your ventilation system since mice are known carriers of the Hanta Virus, and their droppings and urine are a vector for this disease. Hanta virus is most prevalent in the US Southwest, but a few years ago, someone on Long Island (New York) died from that virus as a result of a mouse infestation in and around his house. This is not something to take chances with.

As VDC said this is not uncommon.

I suggest you find a nice local mechanic or learn how to do the clean up yourself. Keep mice out is not a simple matter. Man and mouse have been co-existing a very long time and we have not got it figured out yet. I wonder who is smarter?