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2004 Prius - Catalytic Converter

Last night when I got into my car there was a stinky feet smell. As I was driving it went away. Thought it was my daughter’s soccer shoes. :slight_smile: This morning there was no odor but the check engine light came on; at lunch time the stink was back. Called the dealership and they said it could be the catalytic converter. Now I’m in a panic because the part is $1,000 alone. I have noticed over the past week or so a noice that seems to come from behind the vent next to the window in the passenger side. Kind of a groaning. Does anyone out there have any ideas.

The smell could very well be the converter.
How many miles on this car? If it has 80k or less then the converter is a warrantable item (8 years/80k miles) under the Federal emissions laws and should cost you nothing.

The dealer should know this.

Also, if you happen to live in California or one of the northeastern states that have adopted the California emissions standards, the emissions control devices are under an even longer warranty.