Moisture on dash

I just purchased a 2003 Mazda Protege5. Last night while driving home I noticed moisture on the dash just on top of where the airconditioner and radio sit. I’ve never seen this in a car before. I did have my airconditioner on. My husband and I think maybe there is a resevoir somewhere that needs emptying. Any ideas?

How much moisture? What was the weather like at the time?

I live in North Central FL. It was high humidity, no rain. High heat. Enough moisture to soak a paper towel.

My guess is you were running the A/C, that cooled the panel from underneath and then the moisture condensed there.

There may be some sort of leak in the vent system causing cold air to be released there or it may just be normal for that car and environment.

The only place where the normal condensation would collect is in the blower box and that would drain out through a drain line or if that gets clogged then it may overflow onto the passenger side floor. It would not show up on the dash.