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Moisture in Nissan Murano

Moisture is getting into my 2004 Nissan Murano, creating wet floors. I’ve sealed the windshield, and can’t find any obvious entry points for the moisture. A friend suggested I needed to clean out roof rail drainage holes. Never heard of this.
Any suggestions??

Never heard of roof rail drain holes but if you have a sunroof it will have drain holes and hoses. Also your air conditioning has a drain if plugged will put water in the floor. You just said floors , not which floor areas . That info will help you get answers.


volvo_70: Thanks. Yes, the car has a sunroof. I did not see anything that looked like a drain hole when I opened the roof.
The moisture collects mostly on the front passenger floor and rear seat driver floor.

Do a Google search for ( clearing sun roof drains ) or just go by a body shop and let them find how the water is getting in your vehicle before you have a mold problem.

Check the firewall grommet or body plug.It could be missing or deteriorated to the point water is getting in. There are numerous body plugs under the car.See if any of them are missing.

Any sloshing noises when you open and close the doors next to the wet areas? The drain holes may be plugged.

No sloshing noises. Wet carpet under floor mats.

A wet front passenger floor often indicates a plugged air conditioner drain, but the fact that you also have wet carpet in the back suggests it’s a sunroof drain.

The drain is there, I promise. Sunroofs aren’t 100% sealed - some water will get in around the edges of the panel and needs to be drained, so they all have drain tubes. And those tubes sometimes get clogged with gunk and need to be cleaned out.

Here’s a video that shows you how to unclog the drains.