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Modifying my first car and needs tons of help!

Basically TL:DR I dont know what im doing at all, but have the money to do it.

Basically looking at a civic, looking to do a engine swap since 2019 models dont have turbos parts, without buying the actually sport model. (19 years old and sports model on insurance loool how about no)

  1. I was told K20 is a really beefy engine, that can get super high horsepower with modifications.
    I found an engine here, and says 2002-2005 so does that mean ONLY those years it’ll fit, or is that the reason brackets are made and i can purchase a 97 and do the same thing.

  2. What shops can i bring it too, to do turbo, engine swap, exhaust modifications, car wraps etc.
    (state: Minnesota)

  3. whats a good site to make sure a turbo kit will fit a k20, or other compatability with other modfications

  4. whats your personal favorite modifications on a car, exterior is okay too!

Buy a car that suits your wants and desires and skip the mods, my thought.


Your first big mistake is, you’re looking at buying a used engine off of EBAY.

Second, it’s not easy or cheap to modify an engine that wasn’t designed to be turbo charged.

Just for starters, think of computer reprogramming.


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You should be posting this in one of the many excellent Honda enthusiast sites

They have all sorts of info you need regarding swaps… what harnesses to use… which ecu’s etc and what the differences are between them. Not to mention lots of ECU pinout diagrams… which detail every single wire, what color and where they exist in the plugs

Invaluable information… for someone just like you… planning exactly what you are planning

You would be doing yourself a huge dis-service by not going into those sites and studying up and getting friendly with those members. They tend to know their stuff as they are usually fiercely brand loyal and know basically all the ins n outs of the important things you need to know about

They are an absolute must have in your situation. While no one will know all…they all know enough to easily get you where u want to be knowledge wise… and that is more than half the battle.

  1. You can make nearly any engine fit any car given enough money.
  2. Don’t limit yourself to Minnesota shops. The best shops might not be anywhere near you. Do your own research, Google it
  3. See item #2
  4. Springs, shocks, stab bars with big wheels and tires. I buy my HP from the factory.

Modified car gets stolen or in an accident… insurance sees the mods and says LOOOOL How about NOT covered! :money_mouth_face:


What one person likes means nothing since you seem to need someone to do this work for you . I really wonder if you have an idea of just how much this will cost , How undependable it will be until all the bugs are worked out and how much of a loss you will take when you try to sell what ever this mystery vehicle is.
As for recommending shops in your area you will just have to do your research as far as I know there is only one regular here from Minnesota .
Looking at your other posts your best plan would to be find something that already has had this done to it.

I can’t help you one iota with mods like this but will say that when it comes to major modifications the tinkering, incessant roadblocks, and money spending won’t end anytime soon.

Beef up the engine and the next weak links (transmission, clutch, halfshafts, etc, etc) will give up the ghost at some point.

Some years ago on the TV show “Pinks” a guy with Fox body Mustang nailed it at the start of a drag race. The left rear wheel snapped off and went rolling. As it wobbled to a stop a 4 lug wheel rim could be seen which kind of illustrates the weak link situation. Best of luck anyway.

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There isn’t enough help in the world for you more dollars than sense people.

Completely agree to bad we can't use more than one like.

Here’s the thing, only the base model 2019 civic (LX) came with an N/A engine. the Sport trim, EX, Si, and Type R’s all had turbocharged engines. The “Sport” trim model isn’t considered a performance model, those would be the Si and Type R. So insurance on the Sport isn’t particularly daunting.

The N/A models aren’t amazing by today’s standards, the turbocharged variants like the K20C4 have good potential.

Given enough money you can make any engine fit anywhere. But generally only engines that are/were offered in a given car’s generation will swap in relatively easily.

You’ll have to do your own research for that. Engine swaps/turbo installs are the realm of the speed shop / custom shop and are not things that most independent mechanics would be willing to attempt. It’s specialist work. Note: If you have to do emissions testing (some places do, some don’t) then none of this will fly. Most of the import tuner scene is on the west coast primarily.

Don’t know of any as I don’t have a Civic. But there is certainly no shortage of Civic-oriented forums. You might want to try some JDM forums as well.

It depends on the car really. I’m more interested in functional medications. My previous Mustang (2003 GT) had a litany of mods ( Kenne Bell supercharger, Cobra wheels, Cobra brakes, exhaust, Koni Shocks (yellows), Eibach springs, 3.73 gears, beefier clutch, polyurethane bushings ( don’t recommend), Steeda Tri-Ax shifter, Mach 1 chin spoiler, grille delete, and some assorted other bits.

My current Mustang (2016 GT) is more restrained (so far). It’s got a Ford Racing (Borla) cat back (suitcase resonator delete), Power Pack 2 ( GT 350 throttle body, GT 350 CAI, tune), Ford Racing X springs (it’s lowered 1 inch in the front and 3/4 of an inch in rear. ), Ford Racing sway bars (front and rear), Ford Racing (Barton) short shifter, Steeda transmission mount bushing, Barton two post shifter bracket, and a Barton aluminum reverse lockout collar. For styling, I have a set of cheapish SVE 20x10 wheels, sequential front turn signals, and a carbon fiber grille with a Coyote howler badge.

I watch the car channels now, so I’m not totally lost any more. I saw the Mitsubishi S2000. I hope that,s right! It had a great V-6 engine that only needed new model lifters to restore it to glory. I didn’t realize how much you got with a car like that. I can’t recommend any mods because I read Consumer Reports and want Weather-tech floor mats and a cell phone holder. Sorry. OH! See Below.

The S2000 was a Honda and had a 4 cylinder. Maybe you are thinking of the Mitsubishi 3000 GT V6 turbo?

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