Leased a new car: VIN does not match the car model

I leased a HR-V 2022 EX model this mid- May.
Today I happened to search my VIN and found that my VIN is HR-V Sports trim, not EX trim. The EX trim is higher trim than the sports one.
I checked the official documents that I received when I signed the lease and all the documents says EX, not Sports.

Any body faced similar issue? What should I do with this issue?
Please help.

I think manufactures do that a lot.

I had a 2010 Hyundai Elantra SE

Title and VIN were for 2010 Hyundai Elantra BLUE/SE/GLS

Blue trim = Bottom of the line
SE trim = Middle of the line
GLS trim = Top of the line

As long as the VIN on the car and the VIN on the lease agreement are the same there is no issue.


Which trim is it actually? You can tell the difference by looking up the specifications.

The Honda build your own web site will show you what each trim level has as standard features .

Edit : I wonder if this person should contact their insurance carrier , the leasing company and the selling dealer . I think in case of an accident that totals the vehicle there might be a difference in the insurance payout or even the premium for insurance.

Your VIN should give you the specs on line. If not enough information is available on line, you can contact Honda and get the full list of components on it. Your insurer can also tell you what is on it. Then compare the features to the Sport and EX models to see which you really have. My guess is that if you really have a Sport you could do nothing or contact the dealer that leased it to you. If you contact the dealer, you should demand a replacement with the trim level you leased or get a refund for the difference between a Sport and EX. If you like the car, consider getting the refund.

Here’s a few differences: the EX-L has a moon roof, leather seats, dual zone climate control, wireless phone compatibility, 9” color touch screen, parking sensors, low speed braking control, and a few other items. Most of those are easy to verify. If you have them, it’s an EX-L and you may have a bargain lease if they are charging the Sport price.

Here’s a table of the key specs:
2022 Honda HR-V – The Crossover SUV | Honda

The most obvious differences between the Sport and EX is that the EX has a sunroof and heated seats. Does yours?

Perhaps there was a post-manufacturing upgrade to the trim level. When they make the car at the factory they use a build-option specification sheet that follows the car through the ass’y line so the workers can decide which optional parts need to be installed. You might can find the factory build-option sticker if you look. It is on the underside of the trunk lid on my Corolla.

That would be VERY surprising, Honda has just a few trim levels, just about no options.

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Sounds like a flawed VIN decoder.

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