Model 3 owners love their cars

… but they’re not very fond of the company’s CEO:

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I agree with them, but frankly it takes a very wealthy, malignant narcissist to build the world’s most valuable car company from scratch in a very short amount of time. I believe that if Billy Durant were around today he wouldn’t be well thought of either.
Henry Ford would certainly be correctly regarded as a pariah
In the long run, i doubt if Musk cares what people think of him.

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+1 to old mopar guy’s analysis.

When I look at Elon Musk, I catch a whiff of crazy old Henry Ford.
In both cases, they clearly had some excellent business acumen–while simultaneously making some business decisions that were close to disasterous for them, and also making public pronouncements that were demonstrably false and blatantly biased.

Luckily for Mr. Musk, it is easier for him to eradicate his poorly-chosen words than it was for old Henry.

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While I’m not a 5 year owner, I’d say the tenor of the article matches my opinions. My Model 3 is terrific. I also don’t care for Musk. Tesla has grown from nothing to a real force in the automotive industry in a very short time. Similarly, his SpaceX has grown into the preeminent space launch company in the world and in only about 25 years. No other launch platform is remotely close in terms of cost and capability. IMO the successful entrepreneur doesn’t have to be a jerk but he does have to be relentless.

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… as long as he isn’t relentless in destroying the social media platform that he bought.

He clearly has an excellent success record in things that are mechanical/electronic in nature, but then he ventured into an area that he clearly doesn’t fully comprehend, and–slowly but surely–seems to be destroying his newest venture via his ego-driven/politically-motivated decisions.

When Musk bought Twitter it was in a bad place and still is. I’m not sure if it can ever be straightened out. My employers told us frequently not to participate and one of then in the 2010s said that future employment might be affected by our participation. Looking back, I think they were right to express that concern.

Interesting. Back in 2007 i was having a meeting with one of the VPs at the company I worked for and she was talking about something she saw on Twitter. I expressed confusion, and she said “don’t you tweet?” i said no, and she said "you should, it could be helpful to you politically ". I was still there for 5 years after she got pushed out.

You should have said I don.t tweet but I do toot. :grinning:


LOL. I just laughed so hard i think i tooted!


“Twitter’s revenue and adjusted earnings reportedly fell about 40 percent year over year in December 2022 amid an advertiser exodus following Elon Musk’s takeover.”

Twitter revenue, earnings reportedly fell 40% shortly after Musk buyout | Ars Technica.