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Mobile auto body

I have a few little dings and a case of “city bumper” (anyone who parks on the street in a major city knows what I mean). I have seen ads for auto body repair guys who come to you and offer quality small-scale work at remarkably low prices. They say all the work is guaranteed, etc. Does anyone know anything about these guys? Can you actually get good work done by them?

In my area, itinerant auto body guys have been known to go from house to house, seeking to do body work in the homeowner’s driveway. One of my neighbors used this low-cost body work, and came to regret it after a few months when the paint began to peel and look really bad. Of course, the guy who worked on her car was long gone and never came to our street again, so she had no recourse.

I suppose that someone who advertises in the newspaper may have a bit more permanence than someone who goes from door to door, but I think that this type of work is generally not up to the standards of what could be done in a shop.