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Body work

how the heck does one find a good auto body shop? in my town, there are dozens, and local web listings provide a chance for people to send in reviews, but apparently no one ever does.

i was disappointed by work done by the dealer’s body shop and would like to find a place known for quality.


In addition to friends and relative recommendations, I also talk to my insurance agent for recommendations. In general they end up knowing whether a shop is doing a good job or not, because they have to field the complaints when a shop screws up.

This approach has worked out well for work that had to be done when we were visiting both Orlando and Milwaukee. The claims rep in both cases set us up with a local shop that did good work and got us back on the road as soon as possible.

Well organized and well equipped. Busy, etc. If you see a customized car or two that’s a good clue, or stop into the local auto paint jobber and ask.