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Mobil 1 annual protection stupid commercial?

OK comercial is
The detail is every 20k in the fine print for a flash in the commercial vs protect your engine, change your oil once a year, not serving my best interest as I own Mobile stock,

Driving 20k in one year without changing your oil will void every manufacturers warranty.

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I hope that’s a joke put out by Pennz. If not I’m disappointed.

After 2 or 3 oil changes most manufactures warranties have expired, doesn’t really mater.

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Pennzoil is advertising for Mobil oil?

Well then good thing you don’t own Mobil stock… :grinning:

I’ve done yearly Mobil 1 changes on many of my cars for years. The ones that put on less than 10K a year, that is.

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Do any other cities in Alabama issue shares of stock, or is this limited to Mobile?
What is the dividend rate on the stock that the city of Mobile issues?
Inquiring minds want to know.



Tough crowd. @Barkydog probably borrowed my spell checker.

Sorry about the mobile, But a misleading commercial at best.

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Did If the little guy is 3" tall, than the jug of oil next to him must have 4-5 oz of oil than. Pretty small jug.

There could be 5 gallons in that jug. It is fantasy, and we can put as much as we want in there.

Saw some in Walmart today. Five quart bottle $50. About $25 for the other variations of Mobil 1.

I checked their website today, long on claims, short on stats. Graphs with no actual numbers.

I think I will let other people buy it first and see if it works.

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The look on they oil changer’s face after Harvick asks him why he isn’t 3 inches tall is a hoot though.

Aren’t there new cars coming out that have extended oil change intervals on their maintenance schedules?

The only way to know whether the commercial is stupid, or whether the product works as advertised, is to use it and have a used oil analysis performed. The only way I’d do that is if the prescribed use complied with the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule or my car was out of warranty.

Until someone does that test, this is all speculation.

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I agree! I use Mobil-1 Extended Performance, but I change it every 5,000 miles, anyhow.

Just a couple days ago I was in Wal-Mart and looking at the Mobil-1. They had my Mobil-1 EP reduced to 25 bucks and change and then I noticed the new stuff, some kind of Mobil-1 Annual oil change stuff. It was almost 50 bucks ($49 and change)!

I suppose I could make life more convenient and buy that and change at 10,000 mile intervals, but then the old filter stays there longer.

When I sent in a sample of Mobil-1 EP to Blackstone Labs (it had 5,000 miles on it), they reported that it could go considerably longer!

Mobil-1 Extended Performance increase the additives to prevent the oil from degrading as soon as it usually does. If you change at 5000 miles, you don’t need it. Anyone that changes at less than 7500 miles doesn’t need it under normal usage.

I saw on the Mobil web site that they offer an engine warranty when using this oil. I started to read the fine print and felt my head exploding so I stopped.

Makes sense. When I sent in a sample at 8800 miles, some years ago, they also told me it could go quite a bit longer. But, I did not just take their statement; I read carefully every parameter they listed and yes, it could go quite a bit longer.

That was for non-snow-zone non-stop highway driving and would not be a surprise.

Each person has to consider the condition of his own motor and his own driving conditions. What worked for me would not work for someone in different conditions.

I fear for the used car market. It was bad enough when people thought they could go 10,000 miles between changes and some people bought those cars but now . . . ? I’m going to need another 2nd car sometime but geez, I can’t imagine buying one without knowing the maintenance behind it, and you just can’t get that information from the dealer or believe a private party.