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Mixed gas

Time to pull the boat for the season. Can I put the left over two-cycle mixed gas in my car? It is a 97 Honda Accord.

Yes, you can use it, as long as it is diluted with a good amount of “straight” gas in the tank.
Think of it this way–Years ago, many people used a can of Top Oil in their car’s gas tank on a regular basis, in order to lubricate the valves. The very small amount of 2-cycle oil that is mixed into that boat gasoline is very similar to Top Oil.

Just be sure that you don’t do something like this very often, as it is not good for the Catalytic Converter. An occasional dose of that mixed gas will not be a problem.

Thank you for the quick response!

@VDCdriver is right.

I’d just fill the tank to the 3/4 mark on the gauge with fresh gas…drive home and add the outboard gas to it. once or twice a year will do no harm.


It depends on how much 2-stroke mix your have to get rid off… I would limit it to 2 gallons of mix to a full tank of straight gasoline…So if you have 6 gallons of mix, spread it out a little…

I’ve been pouring my leftover 2-cycle mix into my car’s gas tank for years. Generally no more than a gallon total, little bit at a time, on a full or nearly full tank of “pure” gas. So far I’ve never had a problem.

Heck, there’s really no other way to get rid of it “properly”.

Good luck.

I too have used leftover mixed fuel in my '88 Escort on occasions rather than lose/destroy the fuel. The car has over 500K miles and passed NC emissions control inspections when they were required on older model cars.

The oil is diluted so much anyway that it means nothing when further diluted in the gas tank of the car.

Some food for thought. Is that 2 stroke gas shoveling any more oil into the converters than the 800-1000 miles per quart useage on new cars.

That’s claimed to be normal, acceptable, and no harm/no foul… :wink: