I put mixed gas in my car what do I do now? It was about 3 gal.

What’s mixed gas?


You mean mixed oil/gas for a two-stroke motor?

It shouldn’t be anything to worry about. The only thing that can be problematic is that the burnt oil can hurt the catalytic converter. Three gallons is more than I would voluntarily put in, but it shouldn’t hurt it just this one time especially if it’s diluted with 10 or so gallons of straight gas. If the tank was way down when you put it in, I’d consider adding a few gallons of pure gas before you drive it, but otherwise drive to the gas station and fill it up and don’t worry about it.

Fill the tank with non mixed gas to dilute what you put it…Don’t worry about it.

What did you mix the gas with?

Please pick one, or supply your own answer:

gas of the wrong octane
diesel fuel
motor oil
transmission fluid
windshield washer fluid
your morning coffee

The answer requires more information than you have provided.

Yah, mixed with what ? Back in the day my '80 Bronco had issues with vapor locking so I would pour a pint of transmission fluid in the gas tank and it really helped in that case but since there’s no actual information here , there’s no actual answer either.

If you mean gas/oil 2-stroke mix, it’s a non-issue. Drive on. Now would be a good time to fill your tank with straight gasoline…