Mitsubishi Xpander 4A91 - Engine knocking sound

Just found a Technical service letter issued by Mitsubishi Motors Cooperation on Xpander 4A91 engine knocking sound.

  • Applicable vehicles, phenomenon, cause, relevant parts all the details are available.

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Mitsubishi Xpander 4A91 - Knocking sound from the engine

Wrong market.


The OP’s post would be very useful for consumers in Indonesia, but not for forum members living anywhere else.


Randy this is primarily a US Forum and Mitsubishi is almost a dead brand here .


The vehicles that they sell in the US are just slightly warmed-over old designs that are simply not competitive with those of other car companies.

Within 20 miles of my home, there are dealers for Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, Mercedes, Audi, Jaguar, Land Rover, Infiniti, Lexus, and–of course–all of the cheaper foreign makes with which Mitsubishi competes, but if I wanted to buy a Mitsubishi, I would have to drive about 35 miles, to one of the few remaining Mitsu dealerships in the state.

At this point, the only reason why people buy Mitsubishi vehicles in the US is because they are cheaper than their competitors, not because they are superior.

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There is a Mitsubishi dealer about 40 minutes from me and their web site does not have any new vehicles in stock . Plus they are in a small town with no real traffic going by .

Hmmm… Sounds like that is the next Mitsu dealership to go belly-up.

Its my pleasure!
Thanks for your time and kind thoughts…

Closest dealer is about 40mi away and has a grand total of 7 new vehicles on hand, we’ve lost at least 3 Mitsubishi dealers that i know of in the last few years, Including our local dealer that had a separate showroom but really used the Chrysler/Jeep dealership next door to park the inventory and parts/service. If they parked a car right in front of the windows facing the street you could see it but otherwise it really looked like the office building it originally was built as.