Mitsubishi Galant ES Electrical Problems

Hi. My wife’s 2001 Galant ES has developed a strange habit. Last week, we were driving and my wife turned on the AC. Immediately the car died except for the blinkers and the radio. We pulled over, turned the AC off then cranked the car back up. A few days ago, the same thing happened while she was driving with the exception of not turning on the AC. Has something like this happened to any of you before? We need to take it in to have it serviced but I’d like to have some idea of what could be causing this before we do. Thanks in advance!

It could be the A/C compressor freezing. It could be electrical. The exact cause won’t be revealed until some troubleshooting.
If you watch Dr. House, he and his team postulate possibilities; then, use various tests to substantiate or disprove each idea. They learned that from good mechanics (Am I kidding?).

I like the “brainstorming” technique, everyone puts in ideas,no matter how implausible (your crazy idea my stimulate someone to come up with a good one) and then the idea’s are dismissed one by one.

Have you ever heard of Stratagy Based Diagnostics?

When it died did the dashboard warning light indicators (oil. alternator, etc.) come on and stay illuminated?
Did it instantly shut off or was there any coughing/sputtering involved?

get the HVAC codes read,sorry dealer only.

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