Mitsubishi fed (federal emmision cars)


I own a vehicle locator service for new car dealerships. On some mitsubihi invoices, above the model there is a # then the word FED (which stands for federal emmisions) My question is what states can these FED cars go to and which states cannot?


California leaps to mind. New York?


Yes, New York requires rear window defrosters, which most cars now have, and a few other things. Cars destined for Canada (some find their way back to the US)need stronger child seat anchoring systems and daytime running lights, in addition to stronger bumpers.


Usually “Federal” emissions means as opposed to California emmissions-- historically this meant that a FED car could be sold in all 49 others, but within the last few years, many other states have adopted the California requirements.


For “many” read 3 or 4.

I think New York, Mass. and maybe Maine require California emissions, but I’m not an expert and the OP should probably check with either the car companies or the states themselves.