Mitsubishi Check Engine Light

How do I get the OBD on a 2001 Mitsubishi Galant? I just spent $200 at the garage to get it fixed and the light came back on a day later. I want to try to figure it myself before going back to them and spending another couple hundred bucks.

Either take it to Autozone (or any car parts place,) and get them to read the code for free, or buy a code reader for about $70 -$100 and read it yourself.

The easiest way is to go to AutoZone or a similar store where they will scan the car for free. Get the exact P code as well as a printout of the code’s meaning, if possible.

Then Post what codes are pulled here. Someone can help you fix your problem.

And post the codes here. Note: the codes are in the format P0123. If you like post the English text explication as well. Don’t assume that the English text tells you want to fix, it is just telling us something about what sensor detected what.