Get the codes without an OBD I scanner?

Is there a way I can get codes without an OBD I scanner on my 1995 Mitsubishi Mirage with the check engine and fuel lights coming on, even though there is plenty of gas in it?

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yes, go to the nearest chain parts store and have them run the check with their scanner.

That only works if the OP’s car is OBDII. The chain stores can’t scan OBDI cars. They would have to have a specific scanner for each car brand and adapters for different models and years within that brand.
OBDII standardized on one particular connector and a small number of protocols. That allows one scan tool to read any manufacturer’s OBDII car. Even with that, manufacturer specific tools or modules are required to get to then non-generic data and failure codes.

Back before there was any kind of OBD a good mechanic would check the signal coming from the fuel level sender, check wiring etc.

Try this.

Ed B.