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I own a S-10 pickup 2002 model i have replaced camshaft sensor,sparkplug wires,dist.cap new coil spark plugs injector cleaner and rotor button. I have had the truck to several mechanics and nobody can find the miss in the truck. What suggestions do you have to try other than takin it to the dealer and them hookin it up there computer?

there computer.(you understand?)

eng size?
miles? ect;ect;ect

thanks me.

Is the Check Engine light on? If so, get the codes read at a local parts store. They usually have a code reader that you can borrow for free. They will hold your credit card or driver’s license while you use the code reader to download the trouble codes. They will read your codes and will also be happy to discuss them with you. If you reply with the codes, we’ll help, too.

BTW, call ahead to make sure they have a code reader. Chain stores usually do.

P.P.S. Johnny Wad, is that really you, back from the great beyond?

4.3 vortec

75,000 miles

the check engine light is on. i dont think it showin any codes but missin in 3 and 5 cylinders the 5 cylinder bad like 1800

If the CEL is on, there are codes. Get them read, and post them here. We can help you better that way.

ok will do thank you