Missing in my van

I have a 2002 chrysler town and country van. The check eng. light came on about 6mths ago but didnt affect the way it ran, but tonight my wife was driving in it after filling the gas and started to sputter slow at slow speeds and really sputters at higher speeds. should i be looking for water in the fuel, bad ign.wire or bad spark plug or??? Thank you, charlie

Please tell us what the codes are.

Have you just been ignoring the check engine light? Many auto parts stores will read the error codes for free. Have them read and post the exact codes (e.g. “P1234”).

When you report the codes report the vehicle’s mileage and maintenance history - be specific on the maintenance history - time/mileage/specific services - and while mentioning “oil changes” is part of that, its the least of what people need to know.