Missing customer=happy customer


I was listening to last week’s show when I heard you describe a recurring problem with a cooling system that you attempted to fix numerous times. Eventually, you took off the head to look for cracks (without success) then replaced the head (with the required new head gasket) which you assumed would not help, but the customer did not come back so it must have worked. I think Monty Python explained this exceptionally well.

From Monty Python Episode 28:

Doctor: Exploding is a perfectly normal medical phenomenon. In many fields of medicine nowadays, a dose of dynamite can do a world of good. For instance, athlete’s foot - an irritating condition - can be cured by applying a small charge of TNT between each toe.

Now, many of the medical profession are sceptical about my work. They point to my record of treatment of athlete’s foot sufferers - eighty-four dead, sixty-five severely wounded and twelve missing believed cured.

Keep laughing


Charles Town, WV