Missing car question

I had my complaint posted 3 weeks ago but i am not seeing it published Can someone tell me the reason?

Hi Anthony,

I see your account as only being created four hours ago, with no prior questions. I can’t say what happened because the question was generated from another site, but if you’d like to submit one now that you’re here, go to community.cartalk.com and click on “new topic.”

Please let me know if you have other problems.


i thought you car was missing. turns out your question is missing. whew
you posted it 3 weeks ago and there were NO responses? when did you
notice that the query was gone. today? or 3 weeks ago?

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I think Anthony thought his question would show up in Ray’s Newspaper column.

Ray has a newspaper column? Why doesn’t he come here once in a while then and straighten us out?

He gets paid for the newspaper column, that’s why’

Good day it seems like there are two diffrent forum with the same name
I posted a complain about a Nissan Xtrail Hybrid that i bought out of Japan that has transmission issues so that is what i was refering to when i said i didint see my post that i posted 3wks ago

It’s been in syndication since the late 80’s. I’ve done a lot of business trips all over the US, and I’ve seen the column in almost every major metropolitan area I’ve been in.

How do you know he doesn’t?

You mean he might have a screen name like “JT” or something? Anyone with a Boston accent would be suspect but I can’t tell from their writing.

OK, enough fun. Back to hard car questions if there are any.

Not me, maybe someone else.

I dunno, I’m kind of detecting an accent.

You caught me, @bing, and you are really Walter Koenig.

Make me search the world wide wiver of infowmation, now I have to look up Walter Keonig. OMG a fictional character, that makes me Sherlock Holmes!

We’re gonna get locked again. I don’t remember where I read it but I think it was just last week. The guy that plays Sherlock took part in stopping a hold-up or mugging or something. I just don’t remember but they called him a real life hero, and it took place not far from the fictional Baker’s street address. I didn’t know it was a fictional address so no wonder I couldn’t find it when we walked down that street. So now we know your real identity and super hero status-across the pond anyway.

I saw a lot of Morris Minors there but they all had the steering wheels on the wrong side. No wonder they were so cheap.

Actually, Walter Koenig is the real person that played Pavel Checkov on Star Trek. Nothing fake about him.