Where are all these "new posters" coming from

It seems that 6 months ago we had many fewer posts each day maybe 10 to 15. Now each day there are 50+ new posts under
“Maintenance/Repairs” catagory

This is great, but I just wonder where all these new posters are coming from.

It seems that many of these posts have too short of questions like…“My car has a puddle under it, what could it be?” or, “My light on the dash lit up, what does this mean?”
No explanation of what symptoms they have or what they have done to diagnose this on their own.
No make, model etc etc…

Many of these too seem to be people posting with their phones and not ever proof reading what their phone thought that they said. Some ramble on and on, with no punctuation, or shortened sentences and we are expected to decipher what they are talking about.

Just wondering where all these posts are coming from???


They’re coming from that car complaints site somewhere and poor Carolyn has to try to edit them. It’s all explained in some other post here, but I’m in the dark on it. Maybe we’ll get some fresh blood here from it anyway since it seems folks are dropping out-like where’s Meanjoe?

Prior to the Car Complaints integration there were only 3 to 5 new posts each day. Now there are 10 to 15 new posts moved from “Ask Someone” to maintenance/repairs and those have been selected by the moderators as worthy of discussion.

Hi @yosemite. Nice to see you. As Bing and Nevada have said, we launched a partnership with Car Complaints.com called Ask Someone Who Owns One. It’s a feature that allows someone reading Car Complaints to get additional info if there aren’t many reports on their problem. We are seeing an increase in daily questions. They don’t immediately show up in the main list of discussions, but if you filter up top you can see the posts under Ask Someone. Victoria or I go in and look at them, edit the titles, and reclassify them into Repair/Maintenance, Buying/Selling, etc. The questions that really make no sense, we delete. But if someone generally writes a problem, we do leave the topic open and may ask for more detail. When someone replies, the poster from Car Complaints receives an email notification so they hopefully come back to review the responses.



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It comes from here.

Carolyn added a space to the link.

Thank you all for your reply’s.

Poor Carolyn and Victoria have their hands full it seems.