Missing car found a year later in city's tow-lot

A UK car owner reported her car missing to police last year. Turned out her car had been towed away for a parking violation, and was in the city’s tow-lot for an entire year. The problem is that nobody from the city bothered to inform her they had her car. Much grief ensued. Should the city compensate her for the loss and damage to her car?

Everyone involved in this fiasco (except the owner of the car) should be summarily fired and denied any unemployment compensation

Sadly, as civil service employees in the UK, they are fire-proof.

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In the uk, she is lucky not to be arrested for illegal parking in their lot.

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In my area if your car was towed you need to call each towing agency to see if they have your vehicle, don’t wait for the towing company to contact you.

Unlike in the black and white movies, the police don’t search for stolen vehicles, they identify stolen vehicles during traffic stops.

The news article states this vehicle was in poor condition, perhaps in reality it was abandon, then an insurance claim filed after it disappeared.

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