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Missing! '67 Datsun 1600 Roadster

I?m looking for help in locating a 1967 1600 that was undergoing frame-off restoration at a shop in Beverly, MA at Bob?s Restoration Shop. A few years ago both Bob and my Roadster disappeared. The 1600 was silver with a red interior and black rag top ? at least when I last saw it. The vehicle ID is SPL31105978. It was being fully restored and ?Bob? was paid a great deal of money to complete the work. I moved out of state and when I hadn?t heard from him, called to find the shop was closed and Bob was not to be found.

I just came across your group and thought somebody might know something. There is a reward for any information that helps me find this car.


Ken Evans

Do you know Bob’s last name? I would check other businesses that are connected with vehicle restoration in and around Beverly, Ma. This includes upholstery shops and auto parts stores. Bob may have moved or changed his business or he may have passed away. Knowing his last name will help you greatly in your search. Start with the business owners on either side of him and across the street. Someone knows where he is. Good luck.

I hope you told the authorities that the car is stolen/missing and the VIN number. If someone tries to register and tag it, it should show up as stolen. That should be step No. 1.

Skip the reward offer & see how much it would cost to just hire a PI.