Mismatched Paint

I can see the difference, but that’s not something I’d worry about myself. Too many other things in a person’s life that require attention to worry about that sort of thing for me. So I’d just live w/it. Another factor, whatever the color difference is now, wait a while, and it will be different again, but in a different way. Once paint is applied it immediately starts changing color. It changes the most rapidly at first, then eventually it becomes pretty stable provided it is well cared for, washed and waxed in other words. Your old paint isn’t changing color much by now, but the new paint will be changing quite a bit for the next 6-12 months. The auto body shops are well aware of this , so they in fact may have done this job correctly, purposely mismatched at first, and in 6 month the paint color will have changed & the match will be better.

Yeah that’s not a good match. I think they need to blend into the fender. That crown on the rear of the wheel well doesn’t help matters any. The light hits that different and makes it all the more noticeable.

No shine, is that a matte finish? The painter may not have any experience with that paint.

So if a 2019 car is parked next to a 2020 car of the same color there is a noticeable difference? This is not like the paint on your garage.

Yes it’s matte blue

Well it looks bad now and there’s no wax to be applied due to the matte finish… i only worry because when i go to sell it would you buy a car with a mismatched paint job? I’d understand if my car was old or a pos but i explained to the guy its got a little under 12k miles and this is 1 of 1,200 produced with that paint job and other accessories and rims

Definitely reject the work. It’s not acceptable, and the fact that you got the matte finish with all the royal pain-in-the-butt care and feeding that requires indicates that you really care about how the car looks. They’re supposed to make you whole, not do a hack-job and call it a day.

Yes, I expect there would be a difference.