2015 Honda Civic (First Issue)

Let me start off by saying te car is brand new , 14K miles & I’m the first owner . I was coming down a curvy road on mischief night and some kids thought it would be funny to leave trash all over along with a huge rock . Not so funny when you’re coming 65mph down the road . The trash didn’t matter but the rock I did not slow down enough to prevent a hit . Now my car sits on 18in wheels which give me a little height, got lucky enough where the rock did not damage the front bumper but it did get under the car around 25-35 mph and it bounced around there for a good 3-4 seconds . Ever since I hear like clicking sounds as if something was loose Under the two cup holders area . This only happens when I turn the car on and off & the sound stays for a minute or two if it’s cold outside . Any clue what it might be ? What I would have to check ?

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