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Mirror directional 2005 Chev. Suburban

The right exterior mirror directional signal comes and goes. Sometimes bright as new and varies all the way to off. I have not been able to find info online to tell me how these lights work and what may be the cause and cure.Please help!

I’ll hazard a (couple of) guesses that there may be a poor ground connection or the LED is getting tired.

Hi and thanks.
If the LED is getting tired, how is it changed.
Where is the ground?
Thanks again,

LEDs aren’t supposed to get tired. They should last a LONG time. That’s why they use LEDs.

I suggest you check the electrical connections, including the ground connections, before you worry about the LEDs.

LEDs are man made, nothings perfect. He still needs to know where the ground is.

A separate ground wire to the chassis or grounded via mounting bolts?