Minnesota Snow Plows

I used to snow plow for the city. I loved it. Did a perfect curb cut by hitting the turn and spinning out the back end and rounding the corner. Had to give it up, the money was good but newbie got stuck on 11 to 7, then not allowed to take a vacation day after, and had to show up for work at 8 and work till 4.30 in the office. Then go home clean up my place and do it all over again. I’ll tell ya I was young and tough but it would take me a couple of days to feel normal again! One guy I knew left his salt box up and it hit a RR Bridge, ended his plowing days,

We used a farm tractor with a bucket loader on it to clear snow at the gas station. Tractors have separate brakes for the rear wheels. I accidentally hit the left brake rather than both brakes, tractor spun out, missed the gas pump by one inch!

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Show off! How’d you feel after that?

Well, I could say I had to change my underwear, but I won’t.