Minivan hybrid?



I am surprised that no one has brought a minivan hybrid to market yet. Seems like the type of driving and the market segment fit well with the hybrid idea. Is there some technological reason I am missing?


Because SUVs/sedans are a bigger market.
SUVs are for those who don’t want to own a minivan, same with “crossover” vehicles(a minivan for those too trendy for a minivan).
Also, they’re seen as the bigger pollutants by the hippy crowd. So a hybrid is only natural to make it look like the companies are trying to make less pollution.
I agree though, a hybrid minivan would be an excellent choice, but so wouldn’t diesel versions of all vehicles.


definition of a minivan??? Toyota Highlander close enough?


Minivan = sliding doors with very easy access.


Hylander is considered a SUV…a small SUV…And it’s based on a car (Camry).

The main reason why no mini-vans or Full size SUV’s is because of their size the benefit is very very small. And when you start hauling a lot of kids and stuff from the lumber yard around the benefit is even smaller.