Dual sliding doors on a real SUV?


Say if Ford put dual sliders on its Explorer, would this be the best thing since slice bread, or the dumbest thing ever thought of.


Ford’s already tried that, it’s called an Aerostar. And it was okay, but obviously not okay enough, since they stopped making them in 97 or 98, if I remember correctly.


The Aerostar was an SUV? That certainly gives new meaning to the term SUV.

To the OP: Sliding doors are commonplace on minivans, some of which are not really “mini” anymore. The SUV crowd seems to be the anti-minivan faction, and as a result, they do not appear to crave sliding doors. Thus, at least for the time being–never the twain shall meet.


Real men don’t wear pink and real SUV don’t have soccer mom doors. :slight_smile:


No, the Aerostar obviously wasn’t an SUV, but a truck based van, while SUVs are, well, truck based vehicles. If you put a sliding door on an Explorer, you’re going to end up with something like an Aerostart.


GM tried this of sorts with their minivans that looked like SUV’s of sorts. They did not do well with them.


SUV doors aren’t nearly as large as minivan doors. Most people have no trouble with SUV doors. If your kids are small enough that they can’t handle the doors, they should be supervised when getting into or out of the car anyway.


And if there not supervised they can put monster door dents (BIG CREASE) in the car parked next to them :frowning:


And what would be the point of that to begin with?


Just to clarify, I was speaking about others, I don’t save little kids.


Most people who buy SUVs don’t really need them. They like the hieght and the size which is the same as the "mini"vans. The ones who get the SUVs though don’t like to be stereotyped into driving a minivan. Now if you found a way to make a minivan look like an SUV and get the same gas mileage then you might have a selling point-the Pacifica is almost like that.