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MiniVan Cutting Out / Dieing

have a 1993 Chevy Lumina APV 3.8 minivan, I can make it down the drive and it juct cuts out and dies.

I have had 3 people look at it and ended up replacing:

Cam Shaft Sensor , Spark Plugs, Mass Air Flow Sesor, Fuel Fiter and Fuel Pump, nothing is work. Can you give me some ideas? or help? Thanks

Please explain further.

Does it run ok going down the drive (down a hill), and then die on the flat, or what?

and what then, does it start right up and continue to run flawlessly till the next time you run down the driveway.
How about if you reversed down the driveway?.
How about if you let it idle (or idle ar 2500rpm) for 10 minutes before either driving or reversing down the drive?.
Fuel tank full or empty,
Do you brake at the end of the driveway?. What if you held your foot at a fast idle whil eholding the other on the brake.

AC on or off, etc?

Any more clues?.

This could be an ignition problem also. If your just driving and it dies but starts back up then it could be an ignition coil or something along that line failing. Instead of having them throw more parts on it that you have to pay for, have them search the ignition system to see if they can find the fault.