Minivan/crossover gas mileage question

I’ll be in need of a new vehicle that seats 8 in the near future. I’d like to get the best gas mileage I can. Right now, I’m driving a Chevy Venture w/3.4L that gets 25mpg pretty easily (unless I’m fighting a headwind). That’s traveling at about 75+mph here on the highway.

I’ve noticed the choices for 8 passenger minivans and crossovers (that also get good gas mileage) aren’t that good imo. Chevy Uplander (I’d buy a 2008 model if I could find a 8 passenger model) would be a good choice, but it’s been replaced by the Traverse (which I am considering). I know the Honda Odyssey and Pilot come in 8 passenger models (but the cargo space in the Pilot isn’t as good as the Traverse). I think the Sienna comes in 8 passenger.

Can someone give me actual mpg (city/highway) of available 8 passenger vehicles? I’m not interested in the large SUV’s like Toyota Sequoia, Chevy Tahoe/Suburban, etc. I’ve heard the Traverse is rated at 24mpg highway. Sounds one of the higher highway mpg out there. Not sure about Toyota or Honda minivans.