Minivan/crossover gas mileage question

I’ll be in need of a new vehicle that seats 8 in the near future. I’d like to get the best gas mileage I can. Right now, I’m driving a Chevy Venture w/3.4L that gets 25mpg pretty easily (unless I’m fighting a headwind). That’s traveling at about 75+mph here on the highway.

I’ve noticed the choices for 8 passenger minivans and crossovers (that also get good gas mileage) aren’t that good imo. Chevy Uplander (I’d buy a 2008 model if I could find a 8 passenger model) would be a good choice, but it’s been replaced by the Traverse (which I am considering). I know the Honda Odyssey and Pilot come in 8 passenger models (but the cargo space in the Pilot isn’t as good as the Traverse). I think the Sienna comes in 8 passenger.

Can someone give me actual mpg (city/highway) of available 8 passenger vehicles? I’m not interested in the large SUV’s like Toyota Sequoia, Chevy Tahoe/Suburban, etc. I’ve heard the Traverse is rated at 24mpg highway. Sounds one of the higher highway mpg out there. Not sure about Toyota or Honda minivans.

You can find fuel economy statistics at The new tests more accurately reflect real world usage.

I had a '96 Chevy Lumina APV van and it had issues but compared to other “mini” vans it got much better gas mileage. Your Venture is using the motor and transmission set up and it will be hard to match for gas mileage. Seating space for 8 and high gas mileage are tough to find in one vehicle.

Would you consider a full size GM Hybrid? A lot of bucks. A full sized Chrylser SUV Hybrid might work if you can find one, and trust Chrysler will be around to support it down the road. The Ford Flex has the seating but the gas mileage is less than you are getting now, it maybe worth a look.

I’ve read lots of positive reviews on the Ford Flex, too. All these have 3.5l v6 engines, so they’ll all have similar mpgs. One other source of comparable mpg info is the Consumer Reports car buying guide.

Yes, I am finding I probably won’t be able to get as good gas mileage in today’s 8 passenger vehicles. One reason is (or so I have been told) that my van/engine/transmission was underpowered. But, hey. It’s a minivan. If I wanted power I would have picked a larger SUV. Hard to beat the 8 pasenger Venture for cargo space and people moving (with relative comfort).

Back to the old large station wagon, but with a more fuel efficient V-6.

I really wish Ford hadn’t discontinued their minivan. I’d really consider it.

I should add that I’m trying to keep the price of the vehicle as low as possible. Hybrid anything in the size I’m looking at will add some serious money to the vehicle.

I was interested in the Chrysler Town and Country (mostly for the gas mileage), but it only seats 7 and I think the gas mileage looks to be very similar to the Traverse.

I might consider the Honda Odyssey or the Toyota Sienna, but they tend to be pretty expensive to begin with. Traverse (FWD for me) looks to be the vehicle I’m really leaning towards, especially w/the dealer incentives GM is giving, and possibly the tax credits I’m hearing about.

Looked at all the minivans available (Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, Chrysler, etc.) and crossovers, and it looks like they are all about the same within 1 or 2 mpg highway, w/the Chrysler product being on the high end (but no option for 8 passengers).

Looks like I’ll be looking for the best deal I can get, which might be the Chevy Traverse as they might be willing to deal more than Honda and Toyota.