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Any convertibles with great mpg and good pickup?

That’s my question? Mini doesn’t get good enough mileage, and how about $20,000 or so. What year, which make and model?

How about the newest Miata that you can afford?

Then again, if a Mini doesn’t get the gas mileage you desire, I don’t know if a Miata will. But now that I think about…

A Mini doesn’t get good enough gas mileage for you, so you’re going to spend $20,000 on another car? Does the math work out there?

How about a Sunfire or Cavalier convertible? Sure, they aren’t sporty cars, but they get decent mileage, and they are convertibles. Other options: Mazda Miata (maybe your best bet,) Ford Mustang w/ V6, BMW 3-series (older, obviously,) or perhaps a sedan with a sunroof would work? Impala, Fusion, and many others are available with this option.

If a Mini’s gas mileage isn’t good enough but you demand something that will out accelerate all the traffic, and you want to spend less than $20,000, you really don’t have much of a choice.
How about a motorcycle.

Check out the Miata.

No soup for you…

I believe the Mini gets the best mileage of all the Convertibles and slightly mileage at that. Mazda Miata mentioned here gets slightly less.

EPA #'s within 1-2 MPG of each other can be considered about the same btw. I would buy on what pleases your eye and driving pleasure.

The 2008 EPA gas mileage ratings are calculated with a much more realistic driving regimen than the old ratings were, as a result, these numbers are easy to match or even beat if you don’t make a habit of going 80 in the left lane and/or accelerating towards each and every red light.
I’m consistently getting over 40 mpg out of a 2008 Yaris, EPA rated at 29/36 for example.
So, the Mini’s gas mileage may be a lot better than the EPA rating suggests. I don’t think a Miata will beat it by much. I does need premium gas however so factor that into your gas mileage equation.

Don’t forget the other costs of owning a car, insurance, maintainance, etc.

the ultimate convertible!

the cooper gets 28/37 mpg. If you want something better, there are only a few choices.

Here’s a list of convertibles and their gas mileage:

Choose convertibles and go for a look.

The Smart fortwo is best, followed by the Mimi with a manual transmission.

" I don’t think a Miata will beat it by much. I does need premium gas however so factor that into your gas mileage equation. "

I don’t know about all models, but the one I had did not require or even recommend premium. It did get better mileage than the OP was reporting, but I don’t know if the EPA rating was any higher. Of course I have gotten higher mileage than the EPA has listed on every car I have owned.

Get a used Honda S2000. I get 23-24mpg commuting in mine with the top down and 29-29mpg on trips. 240hp = lots of “pickup”. Not much torque so the driver has to pay attention. Only 6mt transmissions available, so slush bucket auto drivers need not apply :slight_smile: . Rear wheel drive, as God intended a car to be :slight_smile: .

For $20k you should be able to get an 04 or so. The first few years the S2000 engines were 2.0l and redlined at 9k, but the cars had plastic rear windows. Later came glass rear windows and a 2.2l engine, lower redline but a bit more torque.

They do require premium fuel, however.


Guy I worked with had a Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder. He really liked it! Not only did it perform well, but the double layered top provided excellent insulation in cold weather. Even though it’s a v-6, he claims over 30 MPG when driven easy.

It doesn’t matter how fast it is, anything but a Smart fortwo will pick up guys with nooo problem! ;^)

How about a beetle, if you can afford the maintenance? It is, like all VW’s fun to drive.