Mini vs. Bunny

Torn between Mini and VW Rabbit. Both cute but Mini is definitely higher on the cute-o-meter. Rabbit has better reliability rating than Mini but Mini has better mileage although Mini requires premium. Gal at dealership told me they can tell if premium was not used and can void warranty. Is that true? Which car should I buy? HELP!

Check out a Scion tC and be torn between all three.

If the Rabbit is offered in a diesel I would choose that

Which do you like to drive? There’s not much difference in reliability. If you get the Mini, stick with the recommended gas. Most owners love the Mini, even with the odd dash layout.

The rabbit is scheduled to be available in diesel. That will give it the best mileage.

Personally I think the Mini is also cuter, but at this point my next car will likely be a diesel Rabbit. I had one back in the 70’s and I am driving a 2002 New Beetle diesel right now.

[b] I missed that premium part.  If you buy one, do use the fuel required or you may cause serious damage.  If it recommends premium, you will not do damage, but you will likely loose performance and most likely mileage, so you could end up driving a car with less pep and not save any money. [/b]

The mini is definitely the classier of the two. But of you chcose the Mini you should not skimp on the gas. Use what’s required.

If you have to worry about the price of premium look to the Rabbit. Using regular in an engine requiring premium will adversely affect its performance and mileage and can cause permanent engine damage.

It depends on your needs and what you are looking for. The rabbit is a bit larger than the mini and can seat 4 adults in reasonable comfort. The mini is good looking in a rather retro way. The rabbit has a more powerful engine (not comparing to the mini S), but the mini gets better gas mileage. You probably won’t go wrong either way. Test drive each one and make up your mind based on that.

The rabbit is like a little limo compared to the Mini. What do you want, stiff jumpy ride with go kart handling, or lots smoother ride with pretty good handling. Comfort for 2 or 4? (Try out the Mini back seat). Really big sunroof or normal size small one? These cars are really not comparable. If you drive mostly on crap urban steets, you will get sick of the Mini. Glassy suburban steets, maybe not.