Rabbits and Fits

Would those of you who own Rabbits or Fits comment on your satisfaction, in general and in mileage.

I guess that owners of those cars don’t stay up this late. They probably have lives. The Honda gets at least eight more miles per gallon according to Consumer Reports Annual Auto Issue which comes out as an April edition, possibly in March so you might want to hold off until the bookstores get the issue. The VW reliability won’t be rated as highly as the Honda. You will spend less to buy the Honda too.

I have a 2002 VW New Beetle (Rabbit like) diesel. I have been very happy with it overall. City I get mid to upper 40’s and highway mid 50’s to lower 60’s. (US Gallons) lower in winter higher in summer.

They are really 2 different cars. The Rabbit is a great handling sporty car with very good high speed road manners. I see many at ski resorts.

The Fit is an exceptionally utilitarian and easy to drive vehicle. It will hold big loads with the backseat and passenger seat folded down. It is easy to park,and fun around the city. It is not as good a long distance highway car. Where I live, senior citizens, young families are big buyers if Fits.

In terms of overall ownership costs, the Fit will cost you considerably less in maintenance and repairs over its lifetime. It will likely also last much longer, if that is important to you.

If you want to impress members of the opposite sex, enjoy mountain driving, and look good at the ski hill, buy a Rabbit and put a roof rack on it!