Mini Cooper Instrument Cluster Buzzing

When I start my 2002 Mini Cooper the instrument cluster buzzes for about 3-5 seconds and the gauges hesitate to come to life. The dealer said these vehicles do this after sitting for a while without being started and the gauges wpuld eventually “recalibrate.” That was three years ago and it still does this but everything works fine. My concern is that I am selling the car and how should I address this oddity?

Thanks for your time on this.

Tell any potential purchasers exactly what the dealer told you. What else can you tell them? If someone wants the car this minor annoyance will not deter them.

I agree. Those who purchase Mini Coopers tend to be zealots for that marque and they would probably not be put off by this situation.

My son’s Cooper S has LOTS of buzzes and rattles in the interior. They are caused mostly by the rock-hard suspension, I think. He ignores them and drives on with a smile.

I would tend to think that possibly a power relay may be causing this.