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Mini Cooper Electrical issue

I have a 2002 Mini Cooper I bought a year and a half ago. The last couple of months when I shut my car off I sometimes hear a buzz sound near the center console and my trip odometer resets to zero, and my LED clock resets to 12 Midnight. Sometimes it happens when you open the door after turning the car off. In the Mini’s there is a feature that the windows automatically lower a 1/4 inch when you open the doors, allowing air to escape when you shut the door after exiting. When this happens, sometimes that triggers the “buzz” sound and the reset thing happens. This doesn’t seem to effect anything else, its just bothersome because I keep track of my miles with the trip odemeter, and I have to keep correcting the clock. Oh Yeah! one more thing that happens, when i am using the Air Conditioner and slow down after full speed, there is what I would describe as a power surge. All the dash lights go off for a split second then come back on. Anyone have any ideas what could be going on? Thanks

Dang, that’s much too new to have Lucas electrical components.
I’d be suspicious of the voltage regulator which is (probably) within the alternator. (It is on most BMWs). I’d also check for good grounds everywhere there might be one.