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Mini Cooper fuel gauge

Bought a new '09 this summer, and on the first tankful ran out of gas as the reserve light (indicating 2 gal remaining)came on: 13.2 gal tank took 13.12 gal to fill up. With 3 bars showing, I have 2 gal left in tank! Dealer re-set on-board processor to no effect; dealer subsequently replaced tank sensors, false reading still there. It’s a new vehicle, and I’m getting tired of driving by the odometer. Dealer seems stumped. Any help out there?

Few cars have very “accurate” gauges. It best not to try and equate marks or bars to any amount of fuel. One mark is less than two. No marks is full or empty. Keep it more than half full all the time and you will not likely have any problems. Allowing it to go nearly empty can cause problems for the fuel pump so you want to keep it on the full side. It does not cost more to fill it more often.