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Mini Cooper Batteries

2004 Mini Cooper (Automatic). 39,500 miles.

Now on its 3rd. battery.Is this a known problem for this model? No defects detected by the dealer. Hate to put it down to bad luck… Michele

you have a problem a parasitic load test

Three batteries is definitely suspect. Do you leave anything plugged in the the power outlet overnight? Some devices like aftermarket satellite radios can stay powered up after the engine is shut off, which can discharge the battery overnight and shorten battery life.

Yes it’s a known problem (my son has one). Try a Mini website for suggestions.

My '03 Mini has 90K miles and the original battery. No problems.
I wouldn’t say these cars are prone to this type of problem. But, you might want to look for some type of parasitic draw as other posters haves suggested.

A phone recharger is normally left in, and the power indicator light does go out.No satellite radio or other gizmo in the car… thanks for your input!