Electrical problem in Mini Cooper

I have a Mini Cooper 2005. Last month the battery died. The warning sign was that when I turned the key, there was a second or two pause where everything went dead. No lights at all in cabin and clock reset. Then it started up. It did that many times before the battery went dead. I got it charged and thought all was well but now the mini did the pause thing again and I fear that I am going to deal with a dead battery again. Any idea what is going on?

When you had the battery charged I assume it was tested and verified as either good or bad. How old is the battery?

Yes everything seemed ok with battery. About 2 years old.

It sounds to me there is a bad connection to the battery somewhere between it and the main panel under the hood.

Check and clean battery connections and ground connections. Make sure all are tight and there is no corrosion on the cable clamps.

Update: car went dead as I was pulling up to a spot. Car was still running. Everything was dead like the alternator went. I got it towed to a garage only to find that the car was working again when we arrived Started up without any problem. Mechanics have it and I asked them to look at the battery connections.