Mini cooper - base model versus S?

for combined city and highway driving, is the mini base model adequate, or is it really better to go for the S model? i love the look of the car, and its good gas mileage, but am indecisive on if the base will be adequate or if i should go for the S model. any comments would be appreciated!

I test drove the base model Clubman awhile back and the engine(112 hp) in it was more than adequate. I can’t imagine how the turbo charged version(170+ hp) would be, and the Cooper Works version(200+ hp) would probably be a beast.

You can figure this out by yourself. Read road tests in car magazines. If you don’t subscribe, your local public library probably does. Even more important, test drive the various versions. Depending on how many cars the local dealer stocks, you may need to visit more than one dealer or travel to a larger market to find examples of everything.

If you’re looking at a used first generation Mini Cooper and plan on getting an automatic transmission get an “S” model-the base model autos are problematic. If you’re getting a stick-get whichever you like better. The base models on these cars though does much better on gas than the S.

On the new Mini Cooper opt for the S model, which has outstanding gas mileage even with the turbo motor and is definitely a worthwhile upgrade over the base model.

The S, with run-flat tires, rides VERY hard. Two people I know bought them and sold them soon afterwards because they couldn’t stand the very hard ride.

I’ve also heard that the S has a hard ride from a number of sources. What are you driving now? The base model would certainly satisfy most folks.

I drove the base model and the S, and bought the S. The turbo provides a LOT more get up and go, and I still get 33-35 mpg. And more importantly, it sounds cool. And the dual tailpipes look cool.

Do not get the run flats. You can ask for all seasons at no extra charge.

Ignore the “premium gas” warning - regular unleaded is fine.

I would not put regular in a car with forced induction.

please do not post on here complaining when your engine blows up on you.
you bought a performance vehicle and you want to skimp on the fuel to run it?
And people wonder why I REFUSE to buy a used turbo/super charged vehicle…

Manual says “premium”, with minimum octane of 87. Which is regular unleaded, at least around here.