2007 Mini Cooper: Reliable, fun car you can count on or foolish purchase?

I’m thinking of buying the 2007 basic mini. I drive about 400 miles each week and want a little fun as I drive. And I need to be able to count on this car. I have heard the older versions had lots of problems. What can you tell me/us about the mini, the new vs the old vs lots of other possibilities for fun, low cost, greenish, reliable?

Not sure about the base coupe, but I know the S requires premium fuel. Keep that in mind if you are chincy when it comes to fuel.
Other than that, they’re neat little cars, and BMW engines are pretty solid.

I believe ALL Mini models require premium fuel. They are, after all, BMWs. My son drives a Cooper S and he’s very happy with it. No problems so far.

Last August I ordered my Cooper S and I got it by October. It is the most fun vehicle that I have ever owned. I love driving it! The Mini USA website has a very active Owners Lounge (forums, photo galleries, national events, etc.). Why don’t you look up your local Mini club and ask them questions? Oh, and you can design your own Mini on the Mini USA website, if you haven’t already :smiley: