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Mileage Toyota Camry 2007

I recently purchased a used camry with 27000 miles from a dealer. The mpg guidelines are 24 for city and 33 for highway. In my past cars I have always gotten at least the guidelines in mileage.

In this car I am getting about 18 mpg in the city and 22 mpg on the highway, 60 mph, cruise control, level highway.

The dealer’s service department says that since there are no lights on the dashboard there is nothing they can do. I say that there is something wrong with the car. He repeats that if there are no lights on the dashboard, there is nothing wrong with the car. He says he is glad to give me a tuneup and do other things that it does not need that will cost a couple thousand dollars…if that is what I want.

I am just sick about this–mileage is very important to me and I spent more on this car than I had to spend. I am 60 and figured that this would probably be my last car–that as a toyota, it would probably outlive me.

How long have you owned the car? How are you measuring the mileage?

You may have been lucky, They have changed the method they use to compute the EPA mileage on current year cars and it usually results in lower, more realistic mileage estimates. Few people saw mileage even equal the to the EPA estimate.

That said, there are a number of possible issues that could cause reduced mileage and not trigger a light. The problem is there are so many that it could be rather expensive trying to find one and you might find out that there is none.

That has always bothered me about buying a late model used car…why is it there. This one may have been traded by its previous owner becaus of the poor mileage.

I have to disagree with the dealer that no lights means there’s nothing wrong. You could easily have a dragging brake pad, a plugged exhaust, or even low fuel pressure without triggering a light. Unfortunately, with a used car it can be tough to make the dealer do his job.

The new fuels and cold weather could also be to blame. The new fuels will drop mileage by up to 3 to 4 MPG, and cold wether could drop it another 3 to 4 depending on the type of driving you do.

This one is tough. I have no real good suggestions for you. Sorry.

I’m wondering if assorted minor faults would show up on a scope test?

How much for a thorough check? Any takers?

I calculate my mpg every 3 or 4 tanks (750-1000 miles) for best results. At 27k you don’t need a tune up, but it wouldn’t hurt to replace the air filter and/or fuel filter. I replace mine every 30k or so.

Are the tires inflated correctly? If any of the brake calipers are sticking the wheel would get hotter than the others after a short drive. The rear calipers on my 2000 Blazer seized up after the pads were replaced. The mileage got much worse and the truck felt sluggish.

Make sure overdrive (D4 or D5) has not been turned off, if there is a switch for it. For a 4 cyl these numbers are poor, for a 6 cyl they might be that far out of line especially for the city mpg.

Do you have a trusted mechanic to take it to for a second opinion?

Good luck,

Ed B.

Only if they cause a misfire.

For example, low fuel pressure could cause an inefficient spray while not being low enough to cause misfiring. Granted, the idea is a stretch.

If you’re suggesting the OP get the engine hooked to an analyzer, I wholeheartedly agree.