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New Camry-Poor MPG

We just purchased a new 2009 Camry LE-4cylinder. We have around 1000 miles on it, and are only getting 20 mpg for mixed driving, and 21 for highway driving. Is anyone else having this problem? We traded in the same model 2007, which we averaged around 25 mpg mixed and 30 on the Highway. Thanks

Give it a couple thousand more miles and it should start getting better. New engines need a few thousand miles to get everything broke in

winter/ethanol in gasoline…also gas MPG tends to improve with mileage on car…

According the EPA You should be getting 21 MPG in the city, you are getting 20, that’s really close and well within the margin of error. You should be getting about 31 MPG on the highway. You claim to only get 21 MPG. That is well below normal. Highway is generally defined as 20 or more miles at 65-70 MPH per EPA testing methodology. If you’re just getting on the highway for 10 minutes than getting back onto surface streets, that’s does not constitute highway driving. Also if your car has fewer than 10,000 or so chances are your vehicle is not fully broken in. Also your car will get worse mileage when it’s cold out and worse mileage if you use ethanol-enhanced fuels (which in some places is manditory).

The whole drive train isn’t ready to give the best fuel economy until at least 3,000 miles when it is getting close. The alternator, power steering pump, transmission, wheel bearings and drive shafts are all tight when new.

My feeling is that there is nothing wrong with the mileage. If the mileage was really that abnormal the Check Engine Light would be telling you so.

I would be curious about just how the highway mileage was checked considering the car only has a 1000 miles on it.