2008 Toyota Camry - Light issues, and the car burns more than a quart per 1000 miles

Front right high beam not working and the left rear running and break light not working? Recall issue? motor oil runs dry with in 3000 miles?

Get the lights fixed and check your oil MUCH more frequently. Not a recall issue on a 15 year old car.

How many miles?

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As I recall you need to take this 15 year old car into a mechanic and have it fixed.


Rather than checking the oil level so seldom that the engine “runs dry”, the OP should be pulling the dipstick at least once each week, and adding oil as needed. Allowing the oil level to go low very often has almost surely accelerated the engine’s rate of oil consumption. When I have had cars that consumed oil, I would replenish the oil as soon as it was 1/2 qt low.

Why would a car company issue a recall for burned-out light bulbs–especially on a vehicle this old?

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My 2012 Camry’s manual says that oil consumption of one quart per 700 miles is not excessive. That is what they will address during the warranty period. You are at the very least 11 years and some months past the warranty period.

Just who do you think is responsible to fix the lights on a 15 year old car? Have you even tried changing the bulbs?

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How is the catalytic converter affected by this much oil consumption? I know that there is at least one oil that has fewer catalyst harming additives for such situations.

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I’m not sure exactly what you mean by “dry”, but keep in mind that letting the level get too low will seriously damage your engine and cost you much more money. Oil is critical to your engine.

I’m sure that it differs among manufacturers, but my old 2002 Camry started burning oil at about 65k just a little from presumably valve guide seals. it got progressively worse over the years and miles to 1 qt every 500miles at about 150k. It is now at 230k and no P0420 code and still passes VA emissions. I know that it is just 1 car out of millions, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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Seriously? On a 15 year old car? Light bulbs burn out. If you put a new light bulb in your bathroom and 15 years later it needed to be replaced, would you ask about a recall on the bulb?

Your owner’s manual will tell you to check the oil level regularly and add as needed.

These things are just basic maintenance items like taking out the kitchen garbage when it’s full or cleaning the toilet once a week.

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Wouldn’t you?

In the Owners Manual? That’s scary. Are you sure?

P.S. Both of my statements above were said “dripping with sarcasm” Sorry I just had to.

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Ouch, harsh guys? My owners manual says to check the oil level at every fuel fill-up, so I check my oil level every time I’ve driven far enough to burn a full tank of fuel. It makes it easier to remember to check the oil. Though if a car has an oil burning issue, maybe it should be checked even more. Doesn’t the Camry with the 4 cylinder engine have an oil burning defect?

If I recall correctly, I heard Tom and Ray say that if your car has been parked a while on a flat surface, you can simply check the oil level on the dipstick without wiping it off. Good for if you’re in a rush

One thing to try is to replace the PCV valve and see if that has any effect .