What would your car get these days

Below is a link by the EPA on how your current vehicle would do with the new fuel ecomony standards.


Enjoy the link, Steve

In regards to my Lincoln Mark VIII, both old and new are wrong.
Highway old - 25
Highway new - 23
I always get 27 and have hit 30 at times.

City old - 18
City new - 16
I get 19.

Us too. Our good car easily does 33 on highway. Old EPA was 32, new is 29. I’ll add about 10% to the new EPA highway numbers for a good estimate of what we can actually get for a quick mental calculation. 14% would be a little closer. Thanks Steve, for the web site!

Hey, a Mark VIII driver, cool.

My '90 Tbird V6 was 19 / 27, now is 17 / 24. Remarkably, the old one was dead on the money. On the highway with the cruise set at 75 and the AC on, I get 27. If I turn off the cruise, turn off the AC, and try to keep a light touch on the throttle, I can push that to 30. That’s an underpowered V6 with 125k hard miles.

I always have done better than the estimates.  So any adjustment down is only going to be more wrong for me. 

It would appear that driving style makes a big difference.

My Subaru WRX seems about right. They state 18MPG city and 25MPG highway and 20MPG combined. I manage 25MPG on the highway tops when driving 55MPH. Otherwise with minimal city I get a consistent 23MPG.

I get better than both new and old estimates for my 1996 Dodge Neon too.
Old city - 25. Old highway - 33.
New city - 22. New highway - 30.

For purely stop and go traffic like my commute to work, I get about 27 mpg. All highway driving, I get about 34, even up to 36. For an average tank, I’ll get about 32 mpg. Driving style clearly makes a difference, or those estimates are very conservative!