Best milage for 4x4 mid- sized pick-up?


My '92 Toyota 4x4 has a real rusty frame and is now dangerous to drive. I need a 4x4 cause I live back in the woods in Northern Michigan. I would love to get better gas milage than the 18 mpg i’ve gotten with my Toyota. Any ssuggestions?


Check out the list here:

It gives you a list of the SUVs and their EPA mileage estimates. In the new EPA method, the manufacturer measures fuel economy on a dynamometer with a set routineof city and highway driving. Then DoT confirms the measurement for up to 15% of the measurements. The new estimates are lower than before, and are suppoed to be more accurate. At least you should be able to compare from truck to truck.

Here’s the DoT’s eplanation of their method: