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Middle Heating Vents Stopped Working

The middle heating vents on my 1999 Subaru Legacy sedan stopped working recently. The other vents (by the window, defroster and floor) work fine. Anyone know what might be wrong and how to fix it? The car has nearly 170K miles and I need to keep it running. Thanks for your advice.

The electric actuator for that vent has failed OR the Mode button itself. Apparently there are 2 motors for this car, one for the Fresh-air/Recirculate and the other for mode (defrost, floor ect). Since the mode can change, the motor is OK. Likely the switch is bad. Shouldn’t be too hard to replace.

Does it just refuse to go to the position that blows air out the center but switches fine to defrost and floor? If the mode to blow air out more than one, say floor AND center selected together doesn’t blow out the center, you may instead have a duct disconnected or blocked. Stick your head under the dash and remove the trim panels so you can look for something obviously disconnected.

Step one check the associated fuses.

Mustangman, the buttons and the sliding mechanism that controls temperature all work fine. It’s just that there’s no air flow from the middle vents.

Barkydog, will do.

Thanks guys!